Mashka Romanova

A Lost Princess

Maria's Quotes

"Time flies by with a horrible quickness."

"Go away, soldier. I don't kiss soldiers."

" God doesn't abandon us. The sun shines, the birds sing, and this morning, we heard the bells sounding matins..."

"Oh! I love these dear soldiers; I should like to kiss them all!"

" Do you play on the swing, or has the plank already broken?"

 "...Now I am downstairs. Mother and Tatiana are playing cards. Olga is reading and Anya is biting her nails..."

"...I am going to have an English lesson now. What a bore!..."


What Those who Knew Her Said

"Marie is so sweet-natured, good and obliging, no one could help loving her..."   - Anonymous

"It touches me to see such affection."  -Czar Nicholas II (her Father)

"Marie was a fine girl... a picture of glowing health and colour. She had large and beautiful grey eyes. Her tastes were very simple, and with her warm heart she was kindness itself. Her sisters took advantage somewhat of her good nature, and called her 'fat little bow-wow' ('le bon gros tou-tou'). "  -Pierre Gilliard (her tutor)

"Maria Nikolaevna can easily be called a Russian beauty. Tall, healthy, with sable eyebrows and a bright blush on her open Russian face, she is especially lovely to a Russian heart."- Sophie Orimosofova

"...She was constantly held up as an example to her elder sisters. They declared she was a step-sister. Vainly I pointed out that in all fairy tales it was the elder sisters who were step-sisters and the third was the real sister. They would not listen, and shut her out from all their plays.... One day they made a house with chairs at one end of the nursery and shut out poor Maria, telling her she might be the footman, but that she should stay outside."  - Miss Eager (her nurse)

 "Maria had a naturally sweet disposition and a very good mind." -Anna Vyrubova