Mashka Romanova

A Lost Princess

Facts you may not know about Mashka

1. Mashka had big blue eyes that were called "Maria's saucers."

2. Some people think Mashka survived the massacre instead of Anastasia.

3. Mashka almost died of measles and pneumonia when she was 17.

4. Mashka really wanted to marry a Russian soldier and have 20 children.

5. Mashka tended to be chubby as a girl. Her sisters Olga and Tatiana teased her about this. They called her "Fat little Bow-wow."

6. Her birthday is June 26!

7. Mashka was canonized by the Russian Orthodox church in 2000.

8. All her brothers and sisters had pets (Tatiana's French bulldog, Alexei's spaniel, Olga's cat, and Anastasia's dog) but Mashka had no real pet. 

9. Rasputin called Mashka his "pearl."

10. One Bolshevik soldier was executed for saying that he wanted to marry Mashka. He even smuggled a birthday cake in the prison for her 19th birthday.

11. When she was a baby, Marie escaped from her bath and ran around the palace completely naked! 

12. When her father had typhoid fever, she covered a miniature portrait of him with kisses every night.

13. Mashka was the 2nd cousin once-removed of Britain's present Queen Elizabeth II! 

14. Because of her kind nature, Maria was know as "The Amiable Baby."